ASSPROP Vaud is the association of Vaud owners.

The umbrella association ASSPROP Switzerland was founded in 2009. It brings together two entities. The Geneva entity, Pic-Vert, and the Vaud entity, ASSPROP Vaud. These entities evolve hand in hand to serve the interests of the owners.

Within ASSPROP Vaud, we welcome members domiciled in other French-speaking cantons (Fribourg, Jura, Neuchâtel, Valais). Eventually, dedicated cantonal sections will receive members domiciled on their territory.

ASSPROP Vaud is an independent and non-profit association.



The association is here to listen and support you. Our offices allow you to get in touch with a competent expert in his field, to explain your situation and to find a solution as soon as possible.


We are the voice of the owners. The association’s missions also include representing the interests of individual landlords in the face of land-use planning policy (LAT), acting on the political and legal levels, defending you against laws that jeopardize your interests in terms of legislation and taxation, and finally, proposing alternative solutions that respect property law.


You stay informed about the latest developments concerning Swiss homeowners through our quarterly magazine, a newsletter, the members’ area and social networks.


We want to improve the quality of life for Swiss homeowners and work towards environmental properties sustainability.


The main objectives pursued by ASSPROP Vaud are the following:

  • Defend the interests of the Swiss owners
  • Working for a sustainable real estate environment
  • Promote sustainable construction
  • Actively collaborate with municipal and cantonal authorities
  • Promote value-added homeowner services provided by experts
  • Keeping owners informed of the latest developments in Swiss real estate legislation